Who We Are


Debra Freitas, CEO

Debra is a co-founder of Light Source Communications, LLC. Over the past few years she has helped managed a 2,300 mile fiber network including multiple IRU customers. She is an expert in operating and maintaining long haul fiber. Debra developed the vendor management protocols as well as managed the maintenance and access of the network from contract to implementation. She procured materials, worked on the negotiation of maintenance and construction agreements, and acted as the liaison between customers and fiber owners.

Debra brings 12 years of project management experience working on various projects from industrial installations for the auto industry, to Rights and Royalties for academic publications, and she also owned a Professional Services Consulting company.

Debra is an excellent communicator; she brings high level sales and marketing strategies to LSC. Debra is a proud graduate of the University of Michigan.

Pete Empie, President/COO

Pete Empie has 30+ years of telecom experience, and cofounded Light Source Communications to build sell and maintain dark fiber assets. In 2009, as Founder and CEO, of Fiber Network Consultants (FNC) he was awarded Project Management of the 100 million dollar, 2,300 mile fiber network. The project exceeded expectations by coming in slightly under budget, and on time in 2013. He then negotiated the network maintenance, locating, and permitting management. In 1999, he started Waypoint Telecom. As COO of Waypoint, he built a 144 count metro dark fiber ring around Lansing, Michigan. He sold out the 144 fibers in 3 1/2 years, establishing IRUs with Government, Enterprise, Telecom Carriers, ISP's, and Nonprofit Organizations.

In 2005, Pete expanded Waypoint to light a 600 mile DWDM long haul fiber route in Michigan. He established several metro rings within the State, connected the Michigan network to Chicago, and expanded to light a 1,200 mile fiber ring from Chicago to St. Louis.

Pete is also an Army veteran, where he worked and trained in the US Signal Corp.

Construction Division

The Ironsides Group- Veteran Owned

The Ironsides Group is a Construction and Project Management company focused on the planning, execution, and management of diverse projects across the US. A values and standards-based company, our team is inspired by the service and integrity of our employees, grounded in our dedication and commitment to excellence, and empowered by our agile and adaptive leaders.

Our engineering, planning, construction and project management solutions help to connect communications infrastructure to homes and businesses throughout the country.


13909 Pennsylvania Ave., Suite C. Riverview, MI 48193

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