Light Source Communications
Your Unlimited Service Provider

Why We Do What We Do

The fiber infrastructure in the US today is incapable of delivering the immense amounts of data that businesses require to be competitive in the global market. Our businesses must have control over their data. The security and scalability of their data is key to success in this new data age. Light Source Communications will provide the network for US businesses to succeed here and abroad. LSC is uniquely positioned and is highly qualified to build the next generation of dark fiber routes across North America providing the key connections for business today and tomorrow.

Light Source Communications is the answer to the limited, unsecured bandwidth issues businesses face today. LSC provides you with the capacity for cost-effective -scaling, uninterrupted connectivity, maintenance-free, and secure networking for your data.

How we provide unlimited…

Stop paying for each increase in data. Light Source Communications offers the unlimited bandwidth your company needs today and into the future.

Light Source Communications…

…puts 100% of the security of your private network in your control.

…offers you the flexibility to control your network routes.  We build and maintain new and diverse routes to meet our customer needs.

…builds state-of-the art dark fiber networks that give you unlimited capacity. Stop paying for bits of data. Stop worrying about burst reports. Owning your own network puts capacity into your hands.

…offers fixed price networks for you. Return On Investment is under your control when you own your own network.