Dark Fiber

Light Source Communication is building a state-of-the-art secure network of dark fiber across the US. We offer dark fiber solutions for businesses of all sizes. Trust LightSource Communications to provide your company a technically advanced network for success and security today and tomorrow.

Network Engineering / Consulting

Light Source Communications will design and consult on new or planned networks. We have an experienced engineering team ready to assist you with your network planning; new or existing fiber solutions.

Network Maintenance

Light Source Communications provides 24/7/365 network maintenance so your network is virtually worry free. We understand the need to have a maintenance free network and our experienced team is ready and willing to respond. Our response times meet and exceed industry standards; to us the network is everything.

Collocation Services

Light Source Communications provides in-line amplifiers and collocation space at precisely designed intervals to allow our customers the comfort of knowing their equipment performs optimally on our network.